Senin, 17 Agustus 2009

Micxon S900, the MicXonBerry with Touchscreen

Present again, mobile phones with a structure like a BlackBerry equipped with social networking applications, that is Micxon S900, or MicXonBerry. :-) Yes, because of Facebook, some mobile phone sales up, a QWERTY keyboard mobile phone at this time is also very much in demand because many people who want to update Facebook status and write comments simply.

Micxon S900, MicXonBerry S900 with Touchscreen

This Dual On GSM cell phone has many advantages compared to other similar BlackBerry imitation, MicXon S900 supports touch screen display. Some Social networking applications that you can enjoy are Facebook, Twitter, Multiply, and Blogger. Micxon S 900 also provides a VGA camera to take pictures. In addition, to store multimedia files, you can use MicroSD up to 2GB. Bluetooth can also be used as a tool to send files between other devices. Ebook reader is also available in the MicXonBerry cell phone.

The price of MicxonBerry S900 around IDR 1.3 million.

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