Senin, 17 Agustus 2009

Upload Photos to Facebook from Sony Ericsson C903 Mobile Phone Directly

Facebook is very delighted by people. Many mobile technology are now installing the Facebook application on the sales package of their products. But, the Facebook Mobile applications are generally only a short cut. And the Facebook apps is also not able to upload the photos to Facebook directly. Unlike the BlackBerry that able to upload multimedia files to the Facebook.

Sony Ericsson C903, Upload Photos to Facebook Directly from Mobile Phone

For those who use the Sony Ericsson C903, you can upload photos directly to Facebook from your Sony Ericsson mobile. Facebook Client that is installed is made specifically for Sony Ericsson C903. Facebook on the Sony Ericsson C903 was integrated with the mobile phone interface. By using the Sony Ericsson C903 you can get pop up display of the status message of Facebook friends on the main screen directly. You can upload photos directly without a PC and without third party photo upload application. The same Facebook Applications is also available in the Sony Ericsson C901 and Sony Ericsson W508.

With Facebook Apps on the Sony Ericsson C903, C901 and W508, you will not only update a status and comments, uploading the photos can also be done directly

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